Monday, March 14, 2011

How To Start And Fatten Up Your Content Writing Immediately

Do you treat your brain like a software that runs a "click-next" job to complete frowny tasks by itself?

You can't booze up any job that way. It will only kill your productivity and create laziness.

Why, working on it by yourself could be easier than tought.

Scratching for ideas

Have no idea to write about? Too lazy to learn something new to be inspired with? Says you.

You always have an ide or two or two hundred.

There are probably thousands if not millions poor ideas deep inside your head; desperate, undiscovered; only because you think you can't find them.

These could be old ideas you ignored and have forgotten because they did not fit in what you need at the time they came up.

Recall them back. Look around and find books or anything that associates those ideas when you discovered them.

Hold your 'how-to' secrets just for your readers

You can actually build relationship with your readers by sharing something about how to do something that sounds like a secret between you and your readers.

It makes them feel special and glad to find your stuff.

It also builds a strict and private environment along their reading.

They would feel like to laugh about and love what you're saying. Nothing is more fun and joyful than that. 

Positive energy sticks, you know.

Though I don't think this would work for stories and diary writing. 

I mean, you don't actually want it to be like, "just visited the zoo today and there was a toddler bitten by a lioness. He made it. Don't tell anyone, but I think I saw a tiny finger stuck between its teeth. I don't know if the kid's parents have notice that by now."

That would be amusing or entertaining. But you would lose your readers' attention so easily because they see nothing to grab out from your content.

Use conversational tone in your writing

Using conversational tone in your writing means you are writing for your readers.

Formal writing tends to hide as much living creatures as possible behind datas and numbers.

While conversational writing is something that grows in somebody's mind for another.

This makes your idea simple enough to grow thrive in somebody else's mind.

This is what we call inception.

This, my friend, is why they call "words are literally viruses".

For quick example, compare and try to tell the difference between...


People spend much of their time to be in an Apple store. It's the busiest store in the mall.

and this:

You know, I myself could spend much of my time to be in an Apple store, and ditch Cleo my cat at home without food.

You probably wonder, as I do, how come their stores are always the busiest store in the mall?

As you see, formal writing tends to make you to memorize facts.

While conversational tone instills stronger associations that make it easy for your readers to remember what you are saying.

And finally, set up the timer!

I always tend to put this one into all my writing tips because simply, it does work great.

So don't get bored.

I don't always recommend it, though. But it helps you to booze up almost any single job alongsides writing. Like cleaning, studying, or excercising.

Set up your timer for five minutes to write startup paragraphs immediately.

Or write as much as you can in 10 minutes.

You can use the rest of the time for editing and to dandify it up to its best.

Reaching out to your readers...

I always think that content writing is about reaching out to you readers in postive and optimal ways. So that they would easily catch and recognize your ideas and feel like they know you personally.

That way, it helps bringing in relationship and community into your blog more easily.

It also pays you with potential readers that actually listen to you when it comes you need them to acknowledge something important.

I hope this can help a little or much. Happy writing.

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